Monday, 30 January 2012

War & Poverty: Needs Must In Afghanistan

I've always seen a correlation bewteen poverty, ecomonic instability, poor or/and extreme governance and a predilection for violent conflict if not all-and-out war. I'm always skeptical about fact and figures and this is obviously not a completely comprehensive survey. Also, you can interpret some of the data in any number of ways, question how their questions were put, and of course how exactly answers were meant in translation. But, there seems no doubt the results of the poll are very surprising, certainly from a western point.

While researching Nathaniel Fick, I came across an interview in which he mentioned his work at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Fellow ex-soldiers Jake Cusack and Erik Malmstrom wrote a short policy brief for CNAS that seemed to reflect some of Oxfams findings. I was somewhat surprised to find ex-soldiers actively working, what can really be called, in a humanitarian capacity. Whatever your politics, view on the 'occupation' or war, and however cynical (I'm the ultimate optimistic cynic!) you want to see this, I'm glad this kind of discussion, research, alternative view is being produced and put out there.

Afghanistan's Willing Entrepreneurs

Source: BBC News

Oxfam: The Cost of War Report

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